Class 12 student at Harvard Model United Nations Conference

creado por Joelle Budzinsky | 29.01.2019 

This past weekend, the 66th Harvard Model United Nations Conference was held. Student in Class 12, Miguel Maru Castro was selected to participate in a Specialized Historical Committee on the topic of the formation of the Organization for African Unity in the year 1962. Miguel represented Egypt in the capacity of President Gamal Abdel Nasser, an important role with respect to the leadership and position held by Nasser historically. 

At this esteemed conference, wherein approximately 3,500 students participated from over 50 countries throughout the world, Miguel represented himself and his school with pride and preparedness. Through a passion and commitment to authenticity, Miguel fought hard to represent his position even when it was controversial.  

In addition to formal conference debate, Miguel was able to gain experiences in a new country, a new culture and a third language. Whether this was experiencing, in real time, the U.S. government shutdown with long lines and staff shortages in the airports or working to operate along lines of difference with disparate styles and norms of debate, Miguel rose to the occasion and was committed to meaningful reflection.  

In every way Miguel represented, within this experience, the core values of an IB student and (almost) graduate of the German School of Barranquilla. Congratulations to Miguel, his family, and the broader school community for this achievement! 


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