Earth Day

Earth Day

Created by: María Eugenia Román. It has become a tradition in Our English Department to celebrate Earth Day each year on April 22nd. We usually participate in class projects related to conservation efforts and ways to help make our world a better place. We also save some time to plant one or more trees around school. We consider this to be an extremely important date, linked to our curriculum as we learn more about Natural Forces, Animal Habitats, and Sustainable Practices. Students discover new ways to interact with our planet in a more careful manner, recognizing their responsibility in keeping it healthy for all ways of life.

This year was no exception. We celebrated Earth Day on Thursday, April 22nd. During the entire week, students participated in a variety of virtual activities and projects designed to raise awareness on some of our planet’s most pressing environmental issues. With cross-curricular links to Science, Social Studies, and Arts, Students produced videos and art work related to conservation and ways we can help in everyday activities. Their message: Earth does not belong to us, We belong to Earth!

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